Jean Ericksen (1908 - 2003)

  • Butter and Sugar - (1993 D. Dale) Butter yellow martagon with cream tips and throat. Small, sparse maroon spotting. Grows 3-4 feet tall, blooming in early July. [II]
  • Cascading Glory - (1994 D. Dale) Lemon yellow covered in maroon spots. Grows 4 feet tall, blooms early July. [II]
  • Congo Capers - (1993 D. Dale) Deep, dark red-purple with light purple-pink throat. Dark spotting in throat, grows to 4-5 feet tall, high bud count blooming in late June. [II]
  • Dancing Doll - (1993 D. Dale) White with cream throat, maroon spotting. 3 feet tall, blooming in early July. [II]
  • Exspandable - (2000) Orange-yellow with a lighter throat. Grows .8M tall blooming in July. [IIb]
  • Lady Limeheart - (1993 D. Dale) White with lime throat, numerous maroon spotting on margins, sparse maroon spotting over inner half of petals. Grows 4-5 feet tall, with hairy, numerous buds blooming in early July. [II]
  • Mazurka - (1989) Deep, clear rose throughout, with a few dark spots. Grows 3 feet tall, blooms early July, seed sterile. [Ia]
  • Northern Dancer - (1995 R. Erskine) Bright yellow with many dark spots. Blooms late. [Ib]
  • Pink Stony - (1995 D. Dale) Mauve pink with a green throat and fine mahogany spots in center. Grows just over 3 feet, blooms early July. [II]
  • Progetors Group - (2000) Various shades of white to yellow, buff orange and lilac, all spotted pink or light red. Stems to 1.9M tall. [II]
  • Strawberry Frost - (1993 D. Dale) White with dark purple-red tips and a chocolate throat. Maroon spotting, black stems grow 4 feet tall, blooming early July. An intraspecific martagon hybrid. [IX]
  • Vanilla Baby - (1993 - D. Dale) White with cream throat, unspotted. 5-6 feet tall, blooms early July. [II]
  • Veneration Hybrids - (1989) White inside, green outside turning to white with age. A few red spots, mostly unspotted though. Grows to 3 feet, blooming late. [Ia]

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