Descant asiatic lily

This lily came to grow here by accident; it was supposed to be a different variety altogether and took some time to identify. Judith Freeman identified it herself and I was quite surprised to learn from her that it performed poorly on her farm, as it has been nothing short of spectacular here! A peachy-buff color with a spreckled pattern of burgundy-red spots, it produces copious amounts of downfacing or Turk's Cap flowers with some fragrance on tall stems with well spaced flowers. In my garden it blooms around the 20th of July each summer and if I were inclined to cut a stem and enter it into a lily show, I have no doubt it would be a winner. It is a pricey bulb but worth every penny in my opinion, and still considerably less than I paid originally per bulb.

  • Ic/d Asiatic lily
  • Fragrant
  • Bred by Judith Freeman

Archived Lily Varieties List

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